Purchasing a new vehicle or want to protect your current vehicle?

Believe it or not but this is the best time to detail your vehicle because the
dealer's "detail" does not provide the protection your vehicle needs.  There are
bonded contaminants already attacking the paint when the vehicle was transported
to the dealer and while the vehicle sat on the dealer lot.  The paint needs to be
thoroughly cleaned (claybar) and protected (paint sealant and wax) from the Sun
and rain.  Forget what you have heard about Teflon paint sealants as they are just a
marketing gimmick.  DuPont, the makers of Teflon, have stated that Teflon can not
bond to a surface unless the surface is heated to almost 2000 degrees. We use the
highest quality synthetic paint sealant that is made to last, protect, and shine.  
Surfside Mobile Auto Detailing of Orange County has developed a New Car Prep
and Protection package that will ensure your car looks better than the day you
bought it as we protect the interior and exterior with the appropriate chemicals.

New Vehicle Prep and Protection Package


High suds lambs wool hand wash

Claybar treatment to remove bonded contaminants

Removal of any adhesive left over from factory protective tape not properly
removed by the dealer

Meguiars synthetic paint sealant that lasts up to 12 months (better than the sealant
the dealer tries to sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars)

Coat of high quality wax to add depth, shine and extra protection to the paint

Wheels are cleaned and waxed

Tires Dressed

Interior is thoroughly vacuumed

Interior wood trim is sealed to protect from future scratches

Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned

Cloth seats and/or floor mats are protected by Scotchgard

All interior plastics are cleaned and protected with a special conditioner that
doesn't leave everything sticky and glossy, NO Armor All is used!!

Prices slightly higher if you are outside of our service area or the vehicle is not BRAND NEW.

Sedan- $375
SUV-     $425

You just made a large investment in a new vehicle so now is the time to make sure
it is protected. Surfside Detailing will be able to maintain that shine and guarantee
it will be the best investment you can make in your vehicle's appearance.
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