Enthusiast Driver-
*Minimum 2 vehicles per visit

Small Cars- $60
Midsize Cars- $70
Large Cars/SUVs- $85

Takes our basic maintenance wash and shine and
adds additional areas of cleaning that only an
enthusiast can appreciate.

  • Swirl free lambs wool mitt hand wash
  • Spot free rinse and air blown dry
  • Paintwork wiped with ultra soft
    microfiber cloths as well as a
    showroom spray for extra shine
  • Streak free window cleaning inside
    and out
  • Thorough interior vacuuming
  • Carpets striped (Adds that just detailed
  • Driver's cockpit is dusted and
    cupholders cleaned
  • Brake dust removed and wheels
  • Back side of the rims are cleaned
    (From custom HRE's to factory rims we clean
    them all)
  • Brake calipers are cleaned (Make your
    Brembo's or BBK stand out)
  • Wheel wells cleaned and dressed
  • Road tar and grime removed from
    lower areas of the vehicle
  • Exhaust Tips Shined
  • Tires degreased and cleaned for a
    natural rubber look or Hi-gloss tire
    dressing can be applied
  • Spare tire and wheel cleaned and
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Service Menu

Since enthusiast owners are typically
familiar with detailing services, you start
with our Enthusiast Driver package and
we allow you to pick and create your
own vehicle service plan.

(Removal of factory emblems for a clean
unique look)
$25 per emblem

Claybar treatment to prep paint for waxing
(Overspray Removal Extra)

Wheel & Caliper Sealant
(Applied to the wheels and brake calipers to
make brake dust removal easier and protect
your wheels from being pitted and from the
$10 per wheel

Hand Applied Carnauba Wax from our
collection or yours
$65 per coat applied

Machine Applied Carnauba Wax
(Most consistent and thorough way to apply a
coat of wax)
$50 per coat applied

Synthetic Paint Sealant
(6 to 12 months paint protection)
$75 per coat applied

Advanced Paint Correction
(Removal of scratches, swirl marks, paint
$100 per hour includes two detailing artists

2 Step Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
(Safe pH balanced cleaning for all types of
leather including alcantara.  Leather is then
fed with conditioner which restores the
factory look)
$15 per seat

Interior Detailing
(Interior is carefully blown with compressed
air, cleaning of all interior materials with a
safe pH balanced cleaner, air vents and
cockpit detailed with Q-tips and paintbrush,
UV Protectant applied by request. Interior
cabin wood, carbon fiber trim, chrome, all
trim polished and protected)

Carpet Steam Cleaning
(Low pressure steam cleaning and extracting
of floormats and/or floorboards etc.)
$10 per floor mat
Additional steam cleaning quoted upon
Are you an enthusiast or collector looking to find a qualified
detailing professional to trust with your vehicles?

Unfortunately the detailing industry has no set standards and is not regulated which
allows many "hacks" to operate as well as it has given Professional Detailers a bad
reputation.  Wouldn't you love to know your detailer loves cars as much as you and is
trusted by vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Subaru to travel nationwide
and detail their Press Event Vehicles?  Give us a call and see how we can take
maintain your vehicle or collection of vehicles.  

Mobile Auto Detailing in Orange County and Los Angeles
Enthusiast Auto Detailing Services                 
"The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the
sweetness of low price is forgotten."
We use the best car
care products on your
vehicle from:
All of our services are provided with the highest standards and the Enthusiast
Detailing Services makes it easy for even the most discerning owners to get their
vehicles detailed for the weekend or show.
Program Vehicles Detailed for Super Car Life