Most "detailers" do not have the knowledge or the equipment to properly remove
swirls and scratches.  Typically they hide them with a wax or glaze that washes off the
following week.  Surfside Mobile Auto Detailing of Orange County and Los Angeles has
the ability to perform full paint correction.  We polish and remove the paint defects not
simply cover them up.  The following packages are for those discerning clients who
want the best possible shine.
Cars $225 & SUVs $275

Removes light scratches, marring, and swirls left by improper washing
techniques. We first wash the vehicle and perform a full claybar treatment
to remove bonded contaminants on the paint.  After the claybar treatment
we machine polish and wax using a Meguiars one step product that
restores the clarity and shine to your paint.

Estimated time- 2-4 hours

Two step machine polish and wax-

Cars $425 & SUVs $475

Removes moderate scratches, marring, and swirls that the one step polish
is not capable of.  After we wash and claybar thevehicle, we use our 2 step
polishing system to restore the paintwork.  

Estimated time- 4+ hours

Three step machine polish and wax- (Full Paint Correction)

By Estimate
Final pricing determined upon pre-inspection and size of the vehicle

This is complete paint correction where we remove up to 100% of all paint
defects including bird etchings, scratches, swirl marks, water spots and
more.  After we wash and claybar the vehicle, we use the Meguiars
Professional 3 step polishing system to bring back your vehicle's shine.  
First step is buffing the vehicle with a rotary buffer and semi-aggressive
polish to level the clear coat and remove the major defects and swirls.
Second step is to buff with a less-agressive polish to remove any haze,
holograms or swirls left after the initial buffing.  Third step is we use a
random orbital polisher to remove any remaining holograms or swirl marks
which leaves the paintwork ready for waxing or sealing.  Lastly, we apply a
coat of carnauba wax for long lasting paint protection.  We have saved
client's thousands of dollars who thought repainting their car was the only
way their vehicle would look NEW again.

Estimated time- 5+ hours
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3 Step Machine Polish
Full Paint Correction
on 2006 Lexus IS350
Does your paint look like this?
Side by side comparison after
polishing just half of the hood.
Flawless Finish

        Complete Swirl Mark and Scratch Removal